Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Anniversary Bouquet

Don't you just love recieving flowers?

Hubby came home with this lovely Bouquet for our Anniversary last night.

The softest pink roses

And gerberas.

Aren't I lucky!

I don't normally recieve flowers this way as I have taught my boys that its not what you spend its the thought that counts.

Normally my boys would go into the garden and pick their own roses to give to me which I think is super special!

But at the moment our gardens are still a work in progress so I was spoilt with these pretties.
Enjoy your day. xo


  1. All of your flowers are gorgeous Siobhan and look at that collection of beautiful rhinestone clocks! Yummy!

  2. Beautiful flowers! Yes you are lucky! My husband surprises me now and then and it truly is a surprise!Have a wonderful weekend!


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