Sunday, September 30, 2012

My heart skipped a beat...

We traveled around Melbourne treasure hunting today...starting out at a market and then an antique center. First I was lucky enough to find this pretty french wedding display box with crushed velvet but sadly everything else had been removed. I couldn't resist it and bought it anyway. 

One our second stop I found the most AMAZING French books I have ever heart skipped a beat then and there. 

I asked hubby to grab the French box I had purchased that was sitting in the car as I wondered if the books might fit and guess what? Perfect fit! Just like they were made for each other :)


  1. What a perfect match! Sometimes things work out that way! Beautiful books and wedding box!

    1. Thanks Anne, I couldn't believe my luck when the books fit perfectly into the box.

  2. Those are beautiful Siobhan! I have some French books too, but they have green covers. Your books are much prettier!


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