Sunday, October 21, 2012

A simple rose named Mary Magdalene

This year I bought a number of bare rooted roses for the garden. Nowhere as many as I need but this year we will be directing our efforts into finishing off the front yard first and then moving onto the side yard. One of the roses I will be mass planting is the David Austin Mary Magdalene rose bush. I had never seen this rose personally but several rose growers had recommended it to me so I went with it. 

The first rose bud...

Starting to open...the smell is simply intoxicating...

My first Mary Magdalene rose in full bloom...

I just love the color variation!

Up close and personal with Mary Magdalene

and the second rose...showing more of her golden halo...

Faded petals after a few days...

A simply stunning rose all over. 


  1. That is an incredibly beautiful rose, no wonder people love it, especially since it is fragrant, as so many of the most lovely have little scent. Lucky you to have one!

    1. Thanks Sandra. Most of the David Austin roses have lovely fragrance. They would have to be my fav roses :)

  2. This is a lovely rose and now you made me consider it, too. Too bad I don't have the space right now

    1. Hi Ioana, You can never have too many roses and the Mary Mag doesnt grow very big...its more of a short grower. I hope you find a spot for her as its a well worth garden rose.

  3. it's very beautiful and so are your photographs. thanks for sharing.
    Fiona xx


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