Sunday, October 7, 2012

A single rose from my boy

This photo means the word to me. The rose came from my weaping Pierre de Ronsard which was dug up before we sold our old home. It is currently living at my in laws while we get our garden prepared. The vase was bought by my son some years ago on Mothers Day morning while we attended a Flea Market. Jake would have been around 6yo. He took it home and cut 1 single Pierre de Ronsard rose from the bac...
kyard and brought it inside and said, "Happy Mothers Day Mum. I saw this at the market and thought of you. Now I can pick you roses all the time and put them in your special vase so you can enjoy them while thinking of me." Awww, my boy really is a diamond! So last night we were at my in laws house visiting. Jake ran inside with this single rose and said, "Mum this is for you to put in your special vase." Over the last 5yrs he hadn't forgotten about my special vase he bought me for my Pierre de Ronsard rose. What a wonderful boy I have. I love you Jake ♥


  1. What a lovely gift from your son!That rose and vase are beautiful!

  2. Thanks Anne, they are beautiful but my son is even more special :)

  3. The story is so touching and your son so sweet.
    My son is only two, but my heart melts when I read such stories while looking forward to the future


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