Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A rose for my arch...blushing pierre de ronsard roses

We have been working away on our yard and I am pleased to say my roses are now in the ground! We have had all our iron powder coated including my vintage arch which I have been so looking forward seeing in its new home.

My French Sombreuil rose

Sadly it has been brought to my attention that the white rose I wanted to use may end up being dangerous with its huge thorns and over grow my arch so I have settled for another. Although my heart was sold on the French beauty Sombreuil I have decided to go with Blushing Pierre de Ronsard and be safe. Blushing Pierre is a sport of the popular pink variety but is creamy white.

My Blushing Pierre de Ronsard roses

 So with all this said, my Blushing Pierre's are now in the ground ready to be trained up the arch...I am so looking forward to having masses of roses covering my arch in a few years time!!!

How lovely it will be.

But till then I will encourage new growth by bringing the blooms inside to enjoy and letting the canes stretch up and over my archway.

Oh how I ♥ my roses.

Bye :)


  1. Hi Siobhan!!!

    I found you through fb andthis is my first time visiting your blog! I LOVE all your pictures, especially roses! I too share a great LOVe for roses!!! You will fall in love with your Pierre de Ronsard.It's also called " Eden Climbing " her in the US. I have several of them in and around my arbor in the front yard. They're very hardy, and disease resisitant as well as DIVINE!!! You will get many years of enjoyment after the first 3 years of baby growth. make sure you compost them every spring and you will make them VERY happy!!! If you get a chance come by and visit me where you'll always see pics of rose vignettes and my rose gardens. Have a beautiful week.
    ~ Stephanie
    my blog~ hhtp://

  2. Hi Stephanie, I remember you from FB! I popped into your blog a little earlier and it is so precious! I just <3 your pics to bits. Looking forward to returning again soon. Kindest regards, Siobhan :)


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