Monday, December 3, 2012

Back to the market

Good morning! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Saturday we done a bit of prepping for the next stage to our garden and Sunday I went to market. Things have been kind of busy the past month and I haven't been attending so it was nice to get back into it.

I found these super cute mini white glass baubles that have been painted white from the inside giving them a lovely unperfectly perfect look. Great for my little trees!

A pair of white cast iron urns

So perfect for my David Austin Abraham Darby roses

Don't you think?

A yummy and I mean 'YUMMY' vintage eiderdown. Pics do not do it justice!!!

The cutest candle holders

I have chandeliers all over the house except for my linen...things are going to change after finding this tiny French basket chandelier!

And last but defenatly NOT least is my favourite treasure of all...

In ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ with my vintage scrolly crucifix!

I hope you found some great treasures this weekend.
Thanks for dropping in. xo


  1. Siobhan what beautiful and amazing treasures! Those roses are a favorite of mine too! Love that beautiful crucifix,that chandy and those sweet ornaments! All beautiful perfection!

    1. Thank you so much Anne. You never know what your going to find at markets! :)

  2. Hi Siobhan~
    Wowza!!! I ADORE all your pictures sweetie, they're just so beautiful!!Your David Austin roses are DIVINE!!!! Abraham Darby is one of my faves too. I have a two year old Abraham Darby and can't wait to see how he'll perform next spring. I got sooooo many blooms from him the second year. I have quite the rose gardens I grow here in upstate New York. I have numerous english roses, they are the BEST right?? Anyway, I'm so happy I stopped into visit you!
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    Xo~ Steph

    1. Thanks Steph. I would love to see pics of your garden in Spring as it sounds lovely. Merry Christmas to you to dear friend xo


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